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five lies (from crystalcazzie)

Yes, I'm doing the five lies. What follows is a list of 15 fabulous facts about little old me. Included in the 15 though are five dirty and despicable lies. It's your job to work out which ones they are, and I'll let you know whether you're right or not.

1. The earliest memory I have is of me walking to school, showing off my "new shoes" which I'd had for months and were very dirty.
2. The first course I'm doing at Rookery House is A-level Maths.
3. My new friend Sarah and I have spent loads of time in these past two weeks making up jokes and songs about farting, partly to stop her being depressed.
4. I love tea so much that I never stop making it.
5. I invited four boys to a make-up party.
6. I don't really fancy anyone right now.
7. My favourite TV show is Little Britain.
8. I recently bought a Kasabian CD, even though I've never heard any of Kasabian's songs.
9. Last Monday was one of the strangest days of my life, involving ghosts, exorcism, pigeon chasing, full moons, confused builders and ham sandwiches.
10. There's a secret safe full of biscuits at Rookery House.
11. I've spent a lot of time drawing random pictures, and have been praised for them.
12. The first seizure I ever had was at school - I fell down in front of a computer, got taken off in an ambulance and had to stay overnight in hospital.
13. Alun and I made up a brill superhero-type cartoon character - by day, he's Paul Burrell, but by night, he's SUPERSPERM!
14. I named a toy cat after Morrish.

EDIT : Scores so far ....
pookatimes : 2/3.
Mum : 3/5.
Jenn : 3/5.
Dad : 3/5.
Cat : 2/5.
morti : 2/5.
Danii : 1/5.
Shaun : 1/5.
dans_myman : 0/5.

Family members who live with me (well, when I'm at home anyway) doing best so far - not surprising being as they know me best. Extremely surprised that Shaun only got one right, he's brill at remembering facts that don't really matter but may come in use someday (yes, knowing whether I like maths, fart jokes, tea, Little Britain, Kasabian, ham, sperm, pie and/or ham and sperm pie or not may help you in your quest to own the world!). :P

- b.k. x

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