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Sorry, will do proper entry soon!

You must type your answers to the following questions into the Google Image Search and then post one of the pictures that comes up as a result.

1. Your first car?
2. Where you grew up?
3. Where you live now?
4. Your name?
5. Your grandmother's name?
6. Favourite food?
7. Favourite drink?
8. Favourite song?
9. Favourite smell?
10. Favourite pair of shoes?

1. None - it came up with a car. Amazing.

2. Aldridge - what the .... !?

3. Radstock - erm, yeh.

4. (a) Bikki - aww!

4. (b) Becke - again, aww! Do people always name their cats after me!?

5. (a) Betty - couldn't get a pic less like her, to be honest ....

5. (b) Paula - OK, this is like her.

6. Biscuits - hee hee. Knob.

7. Tea - but I don't make it, so what's my life like!?

8. Lullaby - well, that was unexpected.

9. Fart - aww, bless. But still a bit funny.

10. Buffalos - yay! SNOW!

- b.k. x


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