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new poem - "frome"

This is about suicide - not suicidal, just bored. And by the way, I haven't got my rhyming wrong - "Frome" as in the river is pronounced how it looks, unlike the town.

lost in the night where all is dark
depression reigns so bleak and stark
down my cold spine goes a lonely shiver
as i look at this marine mess of a river
it's too late for me to walk back home
so i'll float away on the river frome

insomnia disorders and self-harm
have hurt me down from brain to arm
they're crimson cherry scarlet and red
each one an experience from alive to dead
but no knife will drown me as alone i roam
or contains the power of the river frome

goodbye to all who say i'll be missed
but i wonder if any of you really exist
my lovers and friends gave up long ago
but the river will love me that i know
so take these words as my final tome
as i drown myself in the river frome

- Bikki, 13/2/2005.

That didn't turn out as well as planned.

- b.k. x


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