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r.i.p. biscuit

I close my eyes and I can see the day we met,
Just one moment and I knew
You're my best friend, do anything for you.

We've gone so far and done so much and I feel
Like we've always been together,
Right by my side through thick and thin
You're the part of my life I'll always remember.

The time has come, it's for the best, I know it.
Who could've guessed that you and I -
Somehow, someday, we'd have to say goodbye.

You've helped me find the strength inside and the courage
To make all my dreams come true,
How will I find another friend like you?

Two of a kind, that's what we are and it seemed
Like we were always winning
But as our team is torn apart
I wish we could go back to the beginning.

The time has come, it's for the best, I know it.
Who could've guessed that you and I -
Somehow, some way, we'd have to say goodbye.

Four years today ....

.... we had to say goodbye.

- Pokémon, "The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye)"-ish

Ash and Pikachu? Pth. Sod them. Bikki and Biscuit - Bikki II and Bikki I, that is - were the best team the world has ever seen (if I'd found the TM, I could've taught Biscuit a Thunderbolt easily). Sadly, it's four years today since the team broke up. Biscuit, my best kitten and best friend, was run over by a car. I know, I know, it sounds pathetic to have a cat as a best friend, but it's as good as having a human friend, or a dog friend, or even a gerbil friend. Like a lover, I believe there's only one best friend per person in life, and you've got to hold on to them. If you can't .... well, it's not your fault.

Lost my one and only true love and my one and only best friend - what do I do now?

- b.k. x


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