bikz (bikz) wrote,

from pookatimes

my name is - Bikki
i may seem - to be a nice person sometimes
but I'm really - a super king kamehameha beeyatch
people who know me think i'm - forkled in the head
sometimes i feel - like dying
in the morning i - spout random bollocks at people
i like to sleep - during the day
if i could be doing anything right now i would be with - a cup of tea
money is - running out
one thing i wish i had is - a boyfriend
one thing i have that i wish i didn't is - epilepsy
all i need is - lots of things
love is - never going to come to me
my body - hurts
if an angel flew through my window i would - not see it
if a thing crashed into my window i would - ditto
if a builder's bum appeared in my window i would - be used to it
if i could see one person right now it would be - my mum
something i want but i don't really need is - Busted to get back together
something i need but i don't really want is - medication
i live for - tea
i am afraid of - crossing roads
i dream about - lesbians
i love - Pooka
i dislike - Kay
i cry - when things suck, which is always
i hope - I better be home soon
i feel - the mouse
i know - that Sophie Kinsella rocks
i have - Sarah sitting next to me
i want - to die slowly, painfully and spoon
i fell - down the steps this morning

- b.k. x


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