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Mwa ha ha. ;)

Anyway, spent the entire two week holiday with Pooka. It was the best holiday I've ever, EVER had. We went, as I told the Farleigh people, backpacking around the country. Birmingham, London, Manchester, New Forest .... wonderful. And opened by it while we're at it.

Can't be arsed to explain it all.

My God, someone at Farleigh tried to kill themself. Can't say who - I just had to say something.

Oh yeh, I'm back at Farleigh. Spent a fair amount of the day playing Superfrog (best game ever - or maybe it's not and I'm just addicted) and reminiscing about the holidays with college friends. The Skillpower lot had a good time at Paris, Lee told me, even though Hattie was being rather embarrassing (flappy flappy). Peter Wiggins was lonely and didn't really enjoy his holiday, but he got a new mobile (he nicked it from his mum). Tim moved house. Believe it or not, Tobin was extremely quiet and didn't talk to me, or anyone else, once.

But the juiciest bit - Meghan left Alex. For Ben. And Tim has said that Ben gave his engagement ring, which he was going to give to his girlfriend Jo, to Meghan. We don't think Jo knows about this. Poor Jo.

One false move and we'll hsve a farse on our hands.

Anyway, have to talk to Dom now (unfortunately). Bye.

m.a. x

PS. My nose itches.

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