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you know says:
What does Superfrog come on?
you know says:
other than Mrs Superfrog.

Hee hee. :P

Anyway, apart from that, stuff is going well for once. My new mini-course (which is what they're putting me on between courses) is fantastic. I'm working at my own pace, I have no lectures, I don't have to be graded - bloody perfect.

Peter Wiggins has just come back from yoga. Say hello to Peter, everyone.

I forgot what I was gonna say now. Damn Peter.

I still lurve Pooka (excuse Ms. Becki State-The-Obvious).

I also completed the last level of world 2 on Superfrog. Thing is, I haven't done the third one yet. I hate 2:3 with a passion.

Gotta go before Peter Stevens gives me a concussion.

I love you all. Especially Pooka.

This post was completely pointless.

m.a. x
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