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good morning ....

.... or not. Tobin being a bastard, as usual. Keeps tickling me. However, I have discovered that he himself is about as ticklish as Pooka (that's one helluva lot). Ha ha.

Had a good time last night. Just a few odd quotes ....

Alex (to Chris) : "I could give you a good time in bed."
Lee : "Are you a gender-bender, Alex?"
Alex : "No, I'm just an arse boy."

Joel (who has blue marker pen on his finger) : "Arg, help me, I've got blue finger disease!"
Alex (who has Chris on top of him) : "Arg, help me, Chris is shagging me!"

Hattie : "Alex, I think my mum fancies you."
Alex : "I like Hattie's mum, she's sexy!"
Hattie : "Ugh!"
Lee : "You know who's sexy? My mum."
Alex : "I think Hattie's mum is out of my age range though."
Hattie : "Alex, does my mum cost too much for you?"

Hattie (screaming) : "Chris is naked!"
Becki : "Oh my God!"
*everyone is shocked, Chris walks into his room, Sam after him*
Lee : "Sam, I wouldn't go in there if I were you."
Sam (smiling in a dodgy way) : "Sorry, I just have to go in."

*Alex is up against the wall*
Becki : "Hattie! Body Slam attack!"

And not forgetting other stuff - Chris spinning on an office chair and Lee walking into him (breaking the chair, probably breaking Chris as well); Alun and Paul attacking Alex with a roll of sellotape; Alex looking up "spank boy" and "chicken sex" on Google; Lee being too tired to go to bed after getting a phone call from a mysterious girl; Lee and myself beating up Alex every five minutes ....

Pooka (on phone) : "I'm scared."

m.a. x
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