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Becki : "Tim always gets his words mixed up. He accused me of being 'alexrectic' earlier."
Joel : "Alexrectic? You make Alex erect?"
Becki : "Along those lines, I think everyone's Alexrectic."

Tim has a small penis. He's also a stone underweight. Damn him, lucky bastard.

Anyway, I don't want to be Alexrectic (well, neither that nor what Tim meant to say), so I think I'm going to seek help. I wonder if there's a way of making Alex impotent and curing the whole world of Alexrectia? :P

m.a. x

PS. Alex and Paul are staying at Farleigh. We think so, anyway.
PPS. I look, smell and feel rather disgusting. Welcome to the dark side, Becki. Step off the ride now or stay on forever with motion sickness to boot.
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