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Just found out who I'll be staying with - I'll have a little apartment with Emma (student) and Lisa. Not too bad, at least I'm not with Hattie (thank God!). But I'd prefer if Emma CS was staying with me. That would probably make more sense, being as Lisa's Hattie's keyworker an' all. Apparently, Hattie's staying with all the other staff (Emma, Tania, Maria) and Alex, Tim, Ben and Sam will be in a flat together. Alex invited me over to get pissed with them. I'm not too sure being as I doubt I'll feel welcome with Ben and Sam, but Alex drunk sounds hilarious. :P Butlin's is gonna be fantarsetickle (except without the tickling of Fanta arses).

Oh yeh, Hattie was kissing Alex earlier. Meh.

m.a. x
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