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what's probably the last update before Butlin's ....

Turns out it's not just Lisa, it's Kelly as well. We're with the younger, less experienced staff cuz we're easier to control than Hattie. :P I also decided that I'd rather not share with Emma CS - she not only smokes (they deliberately put all the smokers with The Hat to piss her off, ha ha) but farts too much for her own good. I still can't wait for Butlin's. It's gonna be the best time out for Farleigh ever, even better than Clotheshow, better than Killswitch Engage (which I didn't go to, but Tom and Lee absolutely loved it), better than all the Bath trips put together (speaking of which, I wonder if Butlin's has good fudge - probably) - way! :D

m.a. x
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