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helloooooo therrrrrrre!

Random stuff ....

1. Pooka's here and sex is good.
2. He had a cold earlier this week - I have it. :(
3. We ordered fudge from here yesterday, for next day delivery (which cost me a fuckin' fiver). We do not have teh fudge. Grr.
4. Finally got my referral to the Dorothy Pattison Hospital - yay. :)
5. That means I get to miss three days of college - yay yay yay. :)
6. The board at the official Sum 41 site is really, really funny. They're probably think I'm Deryck.
7. I'm not Deryck, if that helps.
8. Kat isn't dead, if that helps.
9. I like cake, if that helps.
10. I like fudge, if that helps (though apparently it doesn't help at all in any way, shape or form, no matter how well Jim Garrahy knows me - GETCHA MIND OUTTA DA GUTTA!!).
13. I like porn, if that helps.
47. You won't comment, if that helps.
151 (b). I can't count, if that helps.

m.a. x

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