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tomorrow's appointment ....

I'm scared. I dunno what's gonna happen. :\ Possible scenarios ....

boredom : "Tell us everything about you, don't miss anything out." *snore*
friendly approach : "You know I'm your friend and I want to help you." *sigh*
pointlessness : "We've come to the conclusion that you have an eating disorder." *duh*
the usual : "Here's some medication, that'll make you better." *no it won't*
annoyance : "We'll see you every weekend." *no more visiting my love*
insult : "You're just not thin enough for treatment." *trigger happy*
freaky : "We'll cut your fingers off so you don't purge any more." *I'm paranoid*
and the worst of all : "You'll have to go inpatient and have a hyperalimentation." *ARG*

What is wrong with me? It'll be fine. Just another doctor's appointment. I've had loads of them. I've talked about this stuff before - to Counsellor Jenny, to Emma CS, so it shouldn't be too hard to say. And if all else fails, I could go for the Kessa approach and sit in a corner saying nothing whatsoever, then skip any other appointments I get.

I'll just take it as it comes - meh.

m.a. x

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