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Hattie's pissed off cuz she can't go on the Survival Weekend (another Farleigh holiday thing which I'm not interested in), so she was crying her head off. I had to sit next to her in the front seat. When Alun told her the truth (yes, the TRUTH) about her attention-seeking, thank God she was wearing a belt.

Then when we got into college, I got to the last free computer in the base room, which she really wanted. Now, if I knew she wanted it that much and asked me nicely for it, I woulda given it to her. But instead of asking me nicely, she hit me on the head with her bag. When Ben, who just happened to be sitting next to me, made a comment in my defence, she hit him too.

She then threw her phone and it fell apart (and I stepped on it for good measure), and then, worst of all - she threw her coat at the light fitting, and it narrowly missed hitting Emma in the head. The light fitting's pretty big and how she made it fall down with her coat I don't know, but what could have happened if it did hit Emma? She might've seriously hurt her. It's a long shot, but that might have broken a few bones. She could even have died because of Hattie's fit of anger. Hattie would be crying - not because Emma was injured but because she was in trouble. That's Hattie - a selfish bitch.

Hattie's been taken to Stoneleigh to talk to Andy Chiffers. At first, I thought that Andy would sort her out and give her a proper punishment, but you know what? News from Patsy says her punishment is that she has to fucking APOLOGISE. No offence to Andy here, but an apology isn't enough for what happened. What happened to myself and Ben wasn't much, but Emma could've been seriously hurt. I want something to happen to her and I want it now. Luckily, Patsy's asking Emma, Ben and me to tell her what happened and what we think should happen, and also Tim and Peter Wiggins as witnesses (while I'm here, I'll add that Peter has been so sweet and comforted me so much, as has Tim).

I don't usually wish things such as suspension (or maybe even expulsion, at least for the rest of the year, but that might be a bit extreme) upon people, but if someone could possibly be seriously hurt for basically no reason, I think that a damn big punishment is in order.

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