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Got my Laid tape today (way for fast delivery). I need to stop buying stuff online - this is becoming an obsession .... but then, it's Free Listing Day on eBay on Friday. I'll stop after that. I promise.

Thing is, everything I buy is so cheap - surely it's having no effect whatsoever on my bank account, right?

Anyway, it's Joe's birthday today. If you're reading, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! I hope you have a good day. Even though I can roll fags better than you. :P

Yes, Sam was teaching me to roll cigarettes last night. I'm a natural apparently. I'm much better than he was when he first started doing it. Way.

This is, however, no indication that I will start smoking. It is kinda inviting with all the passive smoking going on, all the nicotine floating around .... mmm. And I can roll a good fag, and it does make you thinner (shut up, Ana, I've had it), but it's not worth it.

In other news, I can keep going for a whole hour. Hehe. ;)

m.a. x
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