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Update from Bikitha.

OK, so WALKWAYS sucked. But good news on the pacemaker type thingy surgery - it's been completely and utterly approved, and will be in the next couple of months! Good thing too. Two fits in the past week, don't know how much more of this I can handle.

The job interview - I think I made a good impression, but I've been told that the boss isn't keen on work placements. Don't see why not, it's free work, but some people just aren't.

Jenn's party was fantastic, good evening that, had Valentine's a week later though - no cards, no flowers, no kisses, but three Birdies. After the tough day it was (had to get up early in the morning to go to the job interview, then there was the Birdies ceremony in the evening), it would have been nice that someone OTHER than Mad James showed any interest in me, but that's life.

Strange that on Feb 14th a year ago I was in Manchester auditioning for DOND .... and on Feb 15th a year ago I was breaking up with Mad James for the last time. All that seems a million years ago - but nope, just the one.

Over and out, talk soon.

-Bikki [author // this LiveJournal] x

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