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Joshy!? LOL WUT

Roxy : Team Catkit go mad at the speed of light!
James : Surrender now or we shall catfight!
Joshy : Joshy, that's right!

Joshy (new kitten, for those who don't know) is clearly trying to be human. He prefers to stand on two feet rather than four, he drinks tea, he prefers our food to cat food, the way he meows even seems like he's trying to speak a new language (unlike Roxy and James, who just shout). It reminds me of that episode of Pokémon where Meowth learnt to walk and talk .... one of my favourites. It's kind of sad that I remember all this, but meh.

-The B-star x

PS. The Bikstar Game is pretty much dead (I'm quite pleased, and amazed, that it lasted so long!), and David (aka. _Python_) and I are discussing designing a new RPG.
PPS. No news on the writing contest, but I feel strangely hopeful that I might win. :) The problem with that is, I might not. Ah well, I'm ready for anything!

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