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LiveJournal post.

Have a few things to say.

1. Lucie came over yesterday and we did present-wrapping for her mum's birthday. Actually, Lucie did the present-wrapping, I just applauded her on her choice of presents, handed her useful wrapping items such as scissors and ribbon, stopped the kittens from wrecking it, etc. - Morti, plus many other people, know that I can't wrap a present to save my life. We also watched One Tree Hill, and Fall Out Boy (or "Fall Down Boy") happened to be performing on it. This is the first time I've heard them. And to be honest - love 'em or hate 'em, I don't see what the fuss is about either way. They just seemed completely average. It had to be said.

2. After Lucie went home, my therapist Margo came over. We discussed that I'd found a college that does A-levels for mature students. (Not that I'm particularly mature, but that's beside the point.) I would love to go to university, but have no A-levels. Margo and Mum agreed that a better idea for me would be taking an Access course. (For those who don't know what Access is, it's a one-year course, specifically for matures who want to go to uni.) So, if I start in September, I could, if I manage to do this course and get accepted, be going to university when I'm 24! (:

3. Margo also heard one track of morti's album, and wants a signed copy! She said that getting the album out is something to celebrate, and was v. impressed with both Morti and myself (apparently I sound like Bjork!?).

4. You're probably sick of me posting about it. I'm sure I haven't won this thing, but there is a possibility that the band may have forgotten about it and not contacted the winners, or got Buzznet to contact the winners. I completely understand this, they're busy pretending to be busy and occasionally being busy, but - I WANNA KNOW! *screams*

5. Dad just reminded me that he made me a toastie using the crust of the bread yesterday, and he'll get upset if I don't mention it on here. So there you go. Honourable mention for a very good cheese toastie, in which the crust of the bread was used. :D

6. atl_secrets, I love you to pieces. I commented -
losing faith in ATL has something to do with Alex's penis size. :P
Typing that made me feel oh-so-young again. (:

7. I'm still saying that I'm not afraid of anything, but I have a new fear to add to my long list. She's called Kathryn. I've never met her, but the mere thought of her scares me.

8. I'm also afraid - REALLY afraid - that I may be immune to caffeine, which is an essential part of my existence. Red Bull and tea used to keep me awake. After a cuppa and a can, I fell asleep. CAFFEINE DOES NOT MAKE ONE FALL ASLEEP. IT HAS THE OPPOSITE EFFECT! I .... need .... my .... life .... force .... ARG!

That took a while. It's now six hours since I started writing this.
But then, I did fall asleep somewhere in the middle.


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Jan. 30th, 2009 06:25 pm (UTC)
Great news about Margo liking the album and greater news about you aspiring to university. I have a friend here who's doing an Access Course, I reckon it's a good idea.

If Margo wants an album she can order one from me at http://mistakes.morti.org.uk or you can buy one for her and I'll send it your way so we can both sign it or you can wait until I visit sometime in February and I'll bring her one. I reckon I should give you a stack of CDs so you can sell a few on to whoever (family is my first thought) and keep the money (but let me know of each sale so I can include it in my records). What do you think?
Jan. 30th, 2009 07:19 pm (UTC)
I've wanted to go to uni for a few years now, but never got the qualifications. I'm hoping that I can. As for the CDs, that is a brill idea. I'd be happy to sell some on. :]
Jan. 31st, 2009 10:57 am (UTC)
I feel for you on that last point. Caffeine doesn't do anything for me either, probably immune to it as well. Noting seems to pick me up meaning I'm in a permanent state of lethargy. Gaah! I wanna be hyper!

Maybe I've just become an old fart :(
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