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bored now ....

I might start writing a new novel. I'm bored of plays now. I'm also bored of anything to do with the theatre, including this shitty course. As you probably know - meh.

Lee sitting next to me e-mailing his girlfriend Milly. I can't see exactly what he's saying (I don't really care) but I know it's her. Fair chicken noodles to ye.

What else? Oh yes, Dickon won KnightMAAAAAAAAARE on Saturday. It's so rare that someone wins, and it's the first time I've ever seen it happen (apart from on video). There were firework displays when the team got their prizes (coincidence, I think not). Hmm .... why do I care about something that happened 13 years ago? I'm sad, that's why. :P

Other random muzimic stuff - I think I've got hayfever again cuz I have a cold. I haven't had hayfever for years, but now I live in Somerrrrrrrrset there are more plants than there will ever be in Biiiiiiiiiirmingham. I'm also only just under eight stone - so lucky. I hate the number eight now. Seven is much nicer, don't you agree? And six would be even better .... mmm.

Bye for now, have to go into Trowbridge with Lisa to get some postcards of Bristol. I don't know why they sell Bristol cards in Trowbridge, but apparently they do. Speaking of Bristol, it has the worst station in the world ever - never go to Bristol Parkway if you can avoid it. Uuuuuuuuuugh.

m.a. x

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