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NaNoWriMo 2008

So, erm, yeh, here's how the story began. It never finished. :(

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” we all screamed together. Shortly followed by Katie, my girlfriend, whispering the same in my ear, then kissing me.
“I love you,” I said to her, and quickly added, “2008.”
She seemed a little confused and sent a quick stony look to a girl named Syke – if looks could kill, she would be dead – but before Syke even noticed, Katie was being pulled away from me and hugged by her four best friends.
I do love 2008. After four months of hell, I’m finally living my happily-ever-after. I realise that I don’t need to starve myself to make myself something special. If I’m not as good as my brothers, so be it. If I look fat compared to Katie, so be it. No problem.
Syke walked up to me. “James,” she whispered.
I sat her down, wondering what she wanted. “Hi, Syke.”
“Katie is not right for you. There is another girl on your mind. A girl whom you can never have, but she still encompasses you. She will make you do unnatural things.”
She stood up, brushing her long, dark, beautiful hair – there’s no denying that her hair is beautiful. She went upstairs, and I never saw her again that night.
Katie pulled me up to dance, I tried as hard as I could to enjoy it, but what Syke said was still on my mind. Did she mean that she is the girl I love, but can never have? Is she coupled, engaged, married? And what was so ‘unnatural’ about liking another girl?
Dancing with Katie also isn’t great .... she’s just average. Syke danced with me once, and the way that her whole body floated, her contrasting black hair and white dress flying around her, was amazing. I felt like I was walking on water in her hands. Katie gave me the impression of a dad-dance.
“What do you think of Syke?” Katie asked.
“She has nice hair,” I said, giving my girlfriend a look implying, ‘subject closed’. I didn’t want to say any more, in case I said too much.
Katie either didn’t get it, or didn’t care. “Do you think I should grow my hair that long, and dye it black? It’s obviously fake, no girl as white as her is born with black hair. And what’s with all the body paint? Clearly she must have some colour to her skin! She is SO fake. I don’t know why you even talk to stupid Syke.”
No offence to Katie, but Syke certainly isn’t stupid. And has great hair.

Later, in bed, I was thinking through the past four months. Moving away from the beach, and how I hated it – until I met Katie. My first girlfriend. But the ‘ordinary girl’ style of Katie was nothing compared to my idol, Kirsty Carter. Dark, mysterious – and most of all, emaciated. At first, I thought that she was too thin, but she became everything I wanted to be (apart from female, obviously). There was nothing that didn’t help me about Kirsty.
She taught me the many consequences of losing such an excessive amount of weight. The upsides, and worst of all, the downsides. Including death. Kirsty’s funeral was the worst day of my life so far ....

I was standing there amongst her family and few friends. I was dressed in a suit, and saw Kirsty in her white dress, being lowered into the ground. Katie was beside me, dressed in bright green, wanting to take me away, as despite her death, Kirsty was a girl I was close to. Just before Kirsty was buried, I put a wedding ring on her finger. She awoke from her death, for a mere second, and returned the gesture. Syke, the priestess, said, “I now pronounce you man and wife.”

.... then, I woke up. Hold on. I MUST talk to Syke some more. I’ll find her in the morning.

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