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just a tribute ....

.... to the first ever Farleigh students. This may be a bit sentimental, so if you're kitten soft, make sure you have tissues readily available, but if you consider yourself harder than Lee at the words "mashed potato" (if such a thing is possible), feel free to take the piss.

First of all, when I say the first Farleigh students, I mean the ex-third-years that I know well, but a special mention for Tomas Franco, John Speak, Mark Houston and James Iwanek as they were also founders. I saw Tom the other day actually, and he is very large. And cool.

OK, on with the tribute. I'll start with Farleigh's computer wizard, Simon Iremonger. We had our differences and he's probably the one I'll miss least of all, but we don't hate each other and I know that he was Chloe and Joel's favourite. The thing I'll miss about him most is his computer skills - even though Joel will be taking over next year, he'll probably be on the phone to Simon every day asking what does what. No-one could set up a network like he could (except possibly Morty). What was also cool about Simon is that he is so funny - he basically is a computer, talks like one and everything, he probably has microchips instead of a brain (by that, I mean computer chips, not the ones that go in your microwave and are ready in three minutes). Oh yeh, and his beard ownz.

Next, here's a mention for Emma Elliott, Farleigh Sixth Form's first lady. When I met Emma for the first time, she appeared to me as "Alex's girlfriend who doesn't talk much". I was wrong - she is so much more than that. Well, for starters, she wasn't Alex's girlfriend for long, but that's not the point. She set a foundation for the girls at Farleigh, made us feel welcome and not alone. She was very, very brave joining the college at the beginning when there were so many boys and only her. Apart from that, she's been a great girlfriend to Tim for many months, and made him happier through all his problems (well, that also crashed and burned, but that's also not the point). She was also great with Lee, and seemed to make him happy as well (even though he wouldn't admit it). Well done, Emzey.

Now onto the famous Delta boys, starting with Cunterbury's "well dodgiest" resident, Ben King. Be it webmastering (gratuitous link alert), computing, DJing, doing it, B&Qing it or just .... well, being Ben, he's always been good at what he does. At first, he was very distant and not really too close to me, but ever since we became friends we've stayed friends, never an argument, never even a tiny squabble (even though, as I found out on my birthday, he is a crap kisser). I can't believe that I will never again see those sticky-out teeth at Farleigh. Missing you, Ben.

Oh God, here come the tears - Peter Tobin. We got off (well, actually we didn't, but that is, once again, not the point) on a rough start and our friendship has had so many ups and downs, but by the end of the year we have become close. Very, VERY close. Close to the point that I've spent the last few days craving a Tobin hug (I don't know what I like so much about hugging him, but I can't let him go when I do - aww!). I feel like I was the only one who really cared when he wasn't at the unofficial leavers' party last night. What made me cry most, though (and is making me cry now), was when I called him up this morning. He said, "I'm sorry I might not come to Fourwinds, I just hate saying goodbye because I don't want to cry in front of everyone. I'll try and come up if I can, but I probably can't. Take care, sweetie. You'll get somewhere in life, I know you will. Make sure you keep in contact and we'll meet up in the holidays, yeh? I'll miss you. Goodbye.". Later on, Kelly came back to Fourwinds from Delta and told me that Pete had gone, but guess what? About an hour after he'd "left", he miraculously appeared at Fourwinds. Just for me. I can't say in words how much I'll miss Pete. Now will someone please give me a tissue? :(

No wait, leave the tissues. Wait until after the flood alert as I pay homage to my best mate in the world, Tim Eldridge. Apart from Alex (it's so hard not to notice him) and Tom Franco (he took up half the room), Tim was the one I really noticed on my visits. The one I would travel home with, who would look after me. The one who would take me under his wing so much more than the staff ever could. The one whom I could see myself going out with (this is was way before Pooka). But even then, I could not even begin to imagine how wonderful Tim would be. OK, so we obviously didn't go out in that way (he was going to ask, but, being a sensible bloke who is so un-Alexly, he discarded the idea completely when he heard about my love for Pooka), but that doesn't mean that we couldn't be great friends. Quite the opposite in fact. Other friends came and went (GUTTA!!), but Tim was the only one who stuck by me all the way, from the 8th of September until the 4th of July, and will be my friend for the rest of the life of whichever one of us dies first (probably him, but best I don't mention that). I love him as much as it is possible to before "boy" and "friend" become one word, which I'm sure they won't. That's another thing I really like about Tim (and Pete, and Ben, and all the other Farleigh boys for that matter, except Alex who is a nob) - I can freely talk to a boy without there being any ulterior motive from either side. Thankyou Tim for all that you have done for me. I don't know how I would've survived at Farleigh without a friend like Tim to show me the way. I wish him goodbye and good luck in becoming care staff. Blessèd Be.

OK, now I need the tissues. :'( I will update on the last night party soon to cheer me up.

m.a. x

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