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Farleigh & friends meetup!

Basically, I've somehow been put in charge. And I like power, mwa ha ha. :D

It will take place in the fifth week of the holidays, in Birmingham (Tim'll sort out what to do as he knows the area better). The guest list is as follows - Becki, Tim, Sam, Ben, Shaun, Joe, Alex, Emma, Pete T, Pete W, Lee, Meghan, Pooka, Jenn, Kim and maybe Morty if he wants to (comment?). No parents, no care staff and no Hats. We will be a big mob of nice people. :)

I don't know how the teensy six-person meeting Tim decided on blew up into this, but as many of us have boring lives at home and don't want to go 8-9 weeks without seeing our friends, I think you'll find it's a damn ass good idea!

m.a. x

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