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I'm home, I'm home, I'm home!

I, erm, can't be arsed to update much. But I'll rate my holiday ....

Place I Stayed At.
Sandy Balls - I've been there many, many times over many, many years. It's a nice place with all the facilities I'd ever need, and it's close to the lovely south coast and the lovelier Weymouth (it's a bugger to drive to, but it's worth it!). Not the best place in the world, but I like it. ****
Caravan No. 49 - Hmm .... it's OK, apart from having crap beds (although mine and Pooka's worked well as a double, hehehe), too many bugs and spiders, a crap excuse for a kettle and, erm, my sister. Ah well. **

People I Stayed With.
Pooka - Even though he had his depressive moments, I love him and he can get nothing less than five stars because of that. *****
My Parents - They're my parents. They're lovely and I thank them for the holiday, although my laptop was always used for my dad's games of Spider Solitaire and my mum hid the biscuits. ****
Jenny - She pissed me off to hell this holiday. Made me feel sad in both senses of the word. She went out with her mate drinking and pulling every night while I always stayed in and got bored, hit my wonderful boyfriend and, worst of all, caught and stopped me purging my dinner. Yes I know, I shouldn't be purging on holiday in the first place especially when my dad's forked out a whole £3.50 for a small plate of scampi, but I have an addiction which I must feed. Literally. *
Cat, Jenny's Mate - Similar to Jenny really but she didn't hit Pooka or stop me throwing up. The thing that pissed me off most about Cat was her appallingly long getting-ready times. What has Cat got to do that makes "I'll be ready in two minutes" mean "I'll be ready in two hours"? **
Kim, Jenny's Mate - Kim, although she depressed Pooka and was also out every night, was better. She got ready quickly, she helped out around the house and she's still my mate as well, whom I can talk to about anything. I remember us complaining about our periods to each other - there aren't many other people I'd talk about that to unless they were male and I wanted to embarrass them. ***

Places I Went To.
Bournemouth - OK, let's get this straight. Bournemouth is a good place to go. ONCE. Maybe even a couple or three times if you like it that much. But EVERY FUCKING DAY (well, almost)? It's because Jenn and Kim/Cat loved going on the beach and wearing tiny bikinis in front of lads. I didn't, (a) because I was on my period (bikinis and Always, especially with wings, don't mix) and (b) because I had my lover with me - why try to look like a slag for anyone else? I liked shopping in Bournemouth though. It had a ShakeAway, which is class. :) ***
Weymouth - I went there twice (ONLY twice in this case!), and I didn't get tired of it. I don't know why, but I think Weymouth is one of the best places in Britain. There's just something about it. If I didn't have plans to live in Manchester, Nottingham, Bath, Frome, etc. (I need to make my mind up about that) and I didn't hate the idea of living near a beach, I'd put it on my list. Oh yes, two bad things about Weymouth - (a) the weather on the first visit and (b) Pooka's depression, evil Woodcraft leaders, etc. on the second visit. Doesn't destroy the charm though. ****
Poole - I like Poole too. We didn't do much there, Jenny and Cat were annoying me and God seemed to have decided to open the heavens and piss on us, but that didn't mean it was a particularly bad day out, and definitely not the worst. Even though, if I went to Poole with a money abundant debit card and a large, unused overdraft, I'd be off to the bank asking for an extension on my overdraft in no time. ***

Overall, Sandy Balls got 62% - good, but could've been better. I really don't want to spend more than a week there next year, even though Jenny probably wants to spend all six weeks of her holiday at Sandy Balls with all the boys she met and/or fucked.

m.a. x

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