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If I wasn't itching everywhere, I'd be really happy right now. I feel like everything is finally sorted, like I'm in control of my life like I never was before. I'm a changed girl and I like the way I am much better than the dim little kid who was unmotivated and couldn't keep up with anything that I was before. I understand how difficult college will be, but I'll take it on and get everything done. I'll plan out my time, balance my work with my activities and my social life, be like I wasn't last year and I was nowhere near at school. I know, I've said it before and it's all crashed down, but that's the new me. Like Kessa in my favourite book - Francesca had to die to make room for Kessa, and Becki will have to die to make room for, erm, Becke. Beck-eh, Beck-uh, Beck-ee - however you say it, it's my name of preference and it's what I'd prefer to be known as now. Becki, Bex, muzi, Bikki, Fred Miristi, sheCat, Pica and especially Rebecca are all dead and gone now. I'm Becke. That's who I am.

- b.k. x

PS. I'm not talking late-night crap - honest!

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