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I'm back at college. Brief (or not-so-brief) opinions on stuff ....

North Hill House - in general.
It's big. That's what it is, it's big. Big big biggedy big big. It's great though, better than Fourwinds. The whole house looks like they had Changing Rooms in, what with all the interesting lights and posh cushions and comfy chairs and very, very nice kitchens. The kitchen on my floor is my favourite part of the house.
Lee and I went exploring the house yesterday, just had a walk around to see what, ahem, "wonders" we could find. What will be a new games room is currently a sitting down room with a lot of cushions - don't know why, but Farleigh's big (way for my vocabulary) on cushions. At the back of this room, there's a cupboard which we want to turn into Alun's porn room (Peter Wiggins, who has now moved in, appeared very interested in this). Alun isn't here yet, but he'd love the idea.
Lee's favourite part of the house appeared to be the lounge / dining room place, which is nice but I prefer the kitchen. Come to think of it, there isn't really much choice for favourite bits of the house as most of it is a complete and utter mess.

North Hill House - my room and floor.
My room is .... OK. I've got the biggest room in the house (Lee let me have a look at his - GUTTA!! - and it's the size of a very small cupboard containing nothing but a bed). I have a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, a desk and a shelf, with my own bathroom with a bath. I even have a non-working fireplace. I don't know why, but I do. There are a lot of things wrong with my room though - I need some sort of chest of drawers, for a start. I have clothes crammed into the desk drawers and it's near impossible to get anything out. There aren't any cupboards in the bathroom either, and no bin for, ahem, throwing away women's things. And worst of all - that is the worst bed I have ever slept on. I have heard of prisons with more comfortable beds. I was scratching as they made me itch. I hated it so much that, in the end, I took all the towels and made a bed out of them. Not the most comfortable bed ever, but I got a good night's sleep that I couldn't get in the other bedclothes.
As far as the rest of my floor goes, I'm a bit pissed off that all my friends ended up on the second floor (or at Fourwinds or Delta). The only people I know on my floor are Alun, Paul, Chris, Andrew and Peter Stevens - not my favourite people really ....

Farleigh students - the old ones.
Great to see Lee, Shaun and Peter Wiggins again more than anyone. We had a good talk about the holidays and last year, and Shaun kicked off the term with some great quotes - for example, suggesting we go to the "gays room" and telling us that he "is the one who's meant to be shagging the staff"! Talking crap makes Farleigh.
Apart from that, I didn't have much contact with old students. First (and only) thing Chris said to me was ....
Chris : "Do you know where the toilets are?"
Becki : "There's some up by my room, at the end of the corridor."
Chris : "Thanks. I need to know where to shit."
Now that's what I mean by talking crap. :P

Farleigh students - the new ones.
As we know, Meghan is a good mate of mine, even though she was being a bit annoying when Lee and I went to Fourwinds (also a completely modified place with lots of cushions - but they have better ones!), as she kept saying "NHS" and laughing. I didn't get the joke, until I later defined it as "Naughty Hattie Sex". I'm glad I'm not sharing a room with her now - she'd be saying that all night! Meghan's with Alex. Poor, poor Hatface.
I haven't talked to any of the other girls either. Even though Heidi knows me, she's too shy to talk to anyone, especially anyone like me who never shuts up. Lindsey's quite sweet, and Kirsty Spillsbury is tall, thin and pretty (will get some Groinlion attention) with a dim surname. Ha ha. :P
As for the boys, my favourite so far, I think, is Billy. He seems to like me a lot (not in a flirty way - in fact, none of the boys like me like that as far as I know) and I think we'll be good friends. I have also taken a shine to Michael, whom I showed around the college and the local area. Ross, an ex-Newbury student, also seems cool and is quoted, without knowledge of our willy jokes, as saying "Andrew Lucas is a nob" (speaking of him, he's dumped Hattie - poor, poor Hatface).

Anyway, the LJ-cut above was all stuff about new college and people for those who can't be arsed to read it. Stuff happening right now - Chris is attempting to be the centre of attention by flirting with Meghan and warning everyone about Hattie's hairy legs (poor, poor Hatface), while Peter Stevens has got an earful from another new boy called Joe, who is wearing a very silly shirt, about how Startopia sucks. I'm home! :D

- k.s. x


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