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Kes-sa, Kes-sa, Kes-sa, Kes-sa ....

Finally got the book "Kessa" today, sequel to "The Best Little Girl In The World" (my favourite book - BLG, I mean, not Kessa). It was packaged in gold wrapping paper with a note thanking me for buying it, as if I was getting a birthday present from some friendly Scottish woman I don't know. But the truth is, though she advertised it as "some wear on the cover as you can see in the photo", the book is a complete mess. Got pencil marks all over it and some pages falling out, kinda like the copy of "The Secret Garden" I was given to study in Year 7. Hmm, I wonder if "Kessa" had a past life as a school book - or a hospital book?

Even the book itself is all mixed up. A lot of what I've read so far is repeats of BLG, which would be great if I hadn't read BLG a few million times. Levenkron even spelt Susanna wrong. Kessa, so far, looks rushed and is simply a cheap sequel, definitely not worth the £50-60 you see it sold online for (that is, if you see it sold at all) and not even worth the £20 I paid for it, but it's .... well, OK.

I have a sudden desire to buy the movie now, so if anyone has a cheap copy of the Best Little Girl film, please comment or e-mail! EDIT : Found a copy on eBay, so don't come rushing with your copies unless I lose it!

- k.s. x


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