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OK, first of all - Kessa. I have changed my mind about the book now - I LOVE it! She seems so much more like a real person now, not like the clinical analysis of anorexia nervosa which she was in the first book. She's finally got friends and, well, fallen in love, and the love has not completely saved her, but finished off the job. Kessa isn't a vision of a dying Deryck any more, she's like me. OK, so the spelling mistakes, the Best Little Girl flashbacks and the fact that the book is falling apart are annoying, but apart from that, it was worth every penny of the £20 Pooka and myself paid (maybe not the £50-60, but definitely the £20). Another amazing book from Mr. Levenkron, the best author ever (apart from Kathy Lette)! :)

Anyway, onward with more important matters. I wish the best of luck to my lovely uni-goers, first of all the over-achieving Katelyn, or Kattie, Kittie or Very Large Monster as she is now known (in fact, you can call her pretty much anything as long as it's not Katie, Katy or anything else along those lines), AKA. smashmouthnaked. I'll miss her little ways on Teenchat - going on about KoRn PoRn and Smash Mouth naked (ugh!), the Very Large Monstrous step she took from being a 19-year-old virgin who was saving herself for marriage to being an ethical slut, the way she took the piss out of my relationships (penis-orientated for Deryck, and first hate-orientated and then penis-orientated for Pooka), the way she supported me all through my rollercoaster ride from 8st10 (122lbs) to 7st6 (106lbs) and back up again. Well, she discouraged it all the way with her constant "FAT ACCEPTANCE!" campaigns, but she always understood what I was going through, having seen Deryck lose 5½st (77lbs) and then ultimately his life after a three-year battle with numerous eating disorders. Of course, my one year of borderline bulimirexia and nearly 18 years of benign pica is nothing compared to that, but I was there.
So I wish you, Lady Fear (she and Lissa have decided to become Lady Fear and Ms. Lissard now while subjecting me to names like Kessisandre and Stikessa, God knows why!), best of luck in being Legally Blonde, and in the future, the best Metropolitan police officer ever. You're a star and can do anything you want to do - heck, one day you might even see Smash Mouth naked!

And second in this entry (third if you count the book), but first in my mind, is Pooka. As many of you know, we have recently had our one-year anniversary (see pookatimes for a full story and impressive tribute), a milestone I never thought I would reach with any lover, at least not at this age. We may appear like a couple of complete saddos to the world, but deep down we are lovers with a bond, first a friendship, then a loving relationship, now an engagement and in later years a marriage, which will last forever. So many people around us said that it wouldn't last, probably as they knew either mine or Pooka's experience (or, rather, inexperience) with these things and have seen that neither of us have ever coped with anything like this before. But here we are today, and through all the ups and downs (I'm not pretending that this has always been perfect, we've had problems!), we have overcome and our love has survived everything.
I wish Pooka the best of luck in university as he wanders off to Nottingham to study English, and whatever he does, I shall continue to love and cherish him until the end of my days, and after that if such a thing is possible.

In similar words to Namenthus (or "Biiiy" as we like to call him) : iFpOoKaSeEsThIsIlOvEhIm

Anyway, I've 'ad it with being slushier than one of them icy things with a picture of a white dog on them. I'm just going through a phase known as menstruation.


- k.s. x


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