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I'm going to update now for the first time in, like, ever ....

Sorry for not updating for ages, but it just so happens that Terry, despite being part-time (paternity leave or some shit like that) and also in charge of health and safety and has no computer knowledge whatsoever, is in charge of setting up the computers. So, we have none at North Hill or Fourwinds. :P

Anyway, a lot of stuff has happened since I last updated.

First of all, Meghan is gone because she's insane. Seriously, I am not kidding. She tried to beat up about five staff and two students and steal one of the Farleigh cars (a big ugly green people carrier - God, she must be mad). She now lives in some hospital mental unit somewhere in Kent and might not ever be coming back to Farleigh. Alex says she will be, but then, Alex is dim.

Second, I love Strode College and the childcare very much, I love Norton Radstock College and the creative writing almost as much, but Bath College is a dump and the media licks Hatballs. They are almost as incompetent as Farleigh there, and on top of that, I have to climb up and down six flights of stairs at least three times a day to get to and from the boring lectures we have. Shaun and I are thinking or starting a We-Hate-Media club (he's doing a media course too), which would be very fitting.

Speaking of Shaun, the most impossible thing ever has happened (shit, I hope he doesn't read this) - he actually has a girlfriend. OK, so she may be a girl on the Moving On course (for those who don't know, that's Hattie's course, where people learn to make sandwiches and go on buses), but she's a nice girl on the Moving On course. Unlike Hattie, who's been pissing me off recently by saying that I fancy Terry UGH UGH UGH UGH ARG ARG FUCK NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!111


I am now set in my decision that Bristol is the best city in Britain (or possibly Manchester is, but nowhere else). I went there three times in the past week, and it's been the best part of being at Farleigh. First time was a saddos' day out with Peter Wiggins when we spent three hours in Forbidden Planet (cool but geeky shop), second time was a girls' night out when I went with Lindsey (Shaun's girlfriend) and Hattie to see Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which was a class show, and the third time was a boys' night out with Chris, Lee and a bunch of new lads when we went to see Jeepers Creepers 2 and watch rats run around a very not good McDonald's. OK, so I had to sit next to Terry for four hours and the film was crap, but it was fun.

And being as I can't think of much else, I'll finish off with a few class quotes ....

Dean : How do you turn a girl down anyway? You can't say no cuz she'll cry or something, and you can't say yes because you'd be going out with some ugly bird.
Billy *puts his arm around Dean* : Well, I once told a girl I was gay ....

Shaun : Hey, I'm meant to be the one having affairs with the staff!

Hattie : I've got my heart set on Joe Bougourd!
Shaun : Hattie, stop it, he doesn't like it.

Joe Bilbow (to Peter S) : So what if you like fucking StarTopia? It's a pile of shite!

*Rikki (twisted kid) has had his arm hanging out the window for the whole hour's way back from Bristol*
Terry : God, the lengths some people go to to make it feel like it's someone else when they have a wank!

Pete W : So, what's the female orgasm like?

There are many, many more. If I ever get on a computer any time soon, I'll write down more crap.

I'm with Pooka at the moment (he's too special for LJ-cuts) and he's not very well. :( He has a sexually transmitted disease .... I mean, erm, a cold. Same thing. I wuv him very much.


- k.s. x


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