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I'm 18, woo

Age is just a number, but still, I got loads of great gifts and two great parties out of it, and I can legally drink (I'm still waiting to be asked for ID, I have my passport all ready for the day it happens!). Thanks to everyone involved - to my family and Pooka for the party at home, and to all the Farleigh lot, both the care staff who were on that night for all they did for the party and the students for being, ahem, entertaining (Terry trying to pull Chris's pants off is one of the funniest sights I have ever seen!). I am v. v. grateful to all of you! Especially Morti with his soul-eating kitten which gave us hours of fun and shocked many a care staff. :P

Being as I'm pretending to work, I better get on with actually working. Bye!

- 18-year-old k.s. x


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