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Rob is going slightly more than slightly insaner ....

He's sitting near me talking bollocks. I really don't know what he's on about .... but then, this is the guy who had phonesex with The Hat. He doesn't have to make sense.

Speaking of Said Hat, she has left! For good! Not sure whether I'm meant to be jumping for joy or crying my face off. You're not supposed to like Hattie, and she's always been annoying, but it's just not Farleigh any more without her. I have also heard that Meghan will be coming back in her place. *shudder*

I'm also not sure how much longer Terry will last here, as he has gone seriously against health and safety now. He drove a Fourwinds BUPC (Big Ugly People Carrier), of which there are only two, into Carly-care-staff's car. Carly is the daughter of Steph, who is the Head of Education, next in line after the principal. Carly has also had to take a Fourwinds SUP (Small Ugly Peugeot), of which there are also only two, as her own car was too damaged for her to use. So Fourwinds is now down to two cars, Steph could be quite biased towards her daughter and, well, Farleigh might finally realise that Terry can't do anything at all. But they won't - they'll blame the cars, because they're Farleigh and they like their unhealthy unsafety.

Apart from that, I might possibly become an Open University type student. Which means that, instead of doing a crap course at Bath College, I could be a distance learner who stays back at the house and works rather than going somewhere where I've got to stay awake in even the most boring of lectures, hearing people drumming away with their fingers and generally feeling like I'm about to scream.

I have other stuff to write, but I might have to go soon.


- k.s. x


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