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Crap song made last night by myself and smashmouthnaked ....

don't be fooled by the biscuits that we ate
i'm still, i'm still kessa, this is kate
i used to have some fudge that i loved a lot
but then i ate it all up
don't be fooled by the biscuits that we ate
i'm still, i'm still kessa, this is kate
we used to have some biscuits now we have a lot
kate knows what we're after

Anyway, apart from that, I had a distraught call from Shaun this morning - his favourite care staff, Lucy, has been sacked. Apparently, it's because they said she is "incompetent". Well what a surprise. On that grounds, they could fire the entire workforce! Even though I didn't know her that well, Lucy seemed to be one of the least incompetent. She was really cool. A lot like Pooka in her way - a hardcore vegetarian, a brilliant musician and very, very pretty (not that I'm gay, but that's what Shaun, Chris and pretty much all the other boys say).

Shaun's theory is that she might have slept with one of the students, or there might have been rumours - that's why Terry was out of a job before (rumours, not actual shagging) and he worked in a similar care setting except with younger and mongier people, so it might happen here. Or maybe it's the fear that she would because they all fancy her - but in that case, why is Gemma still there? Why is Terry still there (in fact, that's a good point in itself, I wonder if he's gone too) if rumours can fuck things up? I just don't get it.

It was Jan, Emma, Patsy and Jenny who kicked her out (Shaun sent messages to Jan and Emma saying, "you fucking disgrace"), and they're pretty incompetent themselves. I think Emma and Jenny are cool, I'm OK with Jan and Patsy just pisses me off (she's a crap senior and not too good a care staff in general), but no matter what I think of them, they're all more incompetent than Lucy ever was.

Speaking of Farleigh incompetence, I'll be there two and a bit days from now and I STILL don't know what course I'm doing. We got a letter from the Priory this morning which said that Andy would contact us during half term, and he hasn't (the letter also called Christine Gilbert "him", which is quite funny). Half term's over now and we have heard nothing. The deadline date for joining OU courses is today, we needed to talk to Andy before we applied to get Farleigh funding etc., but if Andy hasn't called us and we can't get hold of him, how can we apply? That's all fucked up now.

Anyway, I've had my daily dig at Farleigh, so I think it's time to get ready for the arrival of mah Pookeh, which should make me a bit less pissed off.

And you know what else? I've run out of biscuits.

- k.s. x

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