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haven't updated in ages .... I'm alive! :D

Been having a great-arse time, greater than my arse. :P

First of all, TIM! KATE! Way! Tim Booth and Kate Shela's workshop, into*me*see, was probably the main part of the best weekend I have ever, ever had. I love James, I love dance, I love intimacy, I love Manchester, I love Pooka, I love stealing stuff from hotels ;) .... everything was just right. And I learnt SO much more about me, stuff I've sometimes thought about but never really connected with. Tim and Kate are two of the most wonderful people I've ever met in my entire life.

And as for college - apart from the fact that I don't have a nursery placement any more (I passed the interview, got given a start date and when I got there they told me to off - well, not in those words, but you know what I mean), I am on top of the world! :) I may not be living at Fourwinds, but I'm now spending pretty much all of my time there. I only stay at North Parade for sleep, Tai Chi, counselling, art therapy and Helen Ortner's sad-act relationship talk group, apart from that I'm at Fourwinds hanging out with my bestest friends, Robin and Pete.

In fact, because I spend so much time there, I have been invited to what will be the best party, like, ever - Anker's 19th birthday party in May (Mike Anker, aka. "Anker the Wanker" as Robin so lovingly calls him, is a Swiss lad at Fourwinds who looks like a member of Linkin Krap). On some Saturday night, we'll be picked up from FW in a limo, taken to Anker's home town (wherever the hell that is) for a five-star meal and then driven back. And this limo holds, like, 25 people. Oh yeh, there will be alcohol, and lots of it, hehe!

Speaking of birthday parties, Robin turned 17 the other day. There was cake. I like cake, if that helps. :D

- k.s. x


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