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going home

I've been feeling so unbelievably homesick this weekend. Seeing Pooka was a good thing, as was seeing Mort, but mostly I've been mourning over missing Farleigh. I'm going back today, and I can't wait - everything will be better there. I'll see my friends. The only people whom I feel can make me truly happy. Pooka comes pretty close (gutta etc.), but all the time I acted happy, I wasn't as happy as I would be at Fourwinds, even Bensitting, or even watching Robin play snooker. Nothing makes me as happy as .... well, home.

But with darkness approaching we will all grow close
In the place we'll call heaven but for now we'll just call it home
Where my friends are
Even when I'm not
I wish you were here
I'll see you at home

(Deep Blue Something - Home)

I bet you're bored shitless of me now. At least this'll be my last post for a while - bye.

- k.s. x


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