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Christmas :(

Not long left till Christmas.

I don't wanna go home. :(

It might not be too bad, as I'll hopefully be seeing some of my friends. Shaun wants to come to my house (which is only fair as I went to his over the summer - I hope he doesn't break anything), and Robin's invited me to Reading to see him, and possibly Lindsey who lives 20 minutes away from him. Might even see if I can get hold of good ol' Timmeh. I've been talking to him a lot recently, and with any luck, I might be leaving Farleigh next year to join the new "crowded house" in Frome for ex-Farleigh students, which currently holds Tim, Ben King (not to be confused with Ben Harwood, ugh), Sam and Shaun. Well, we don't even have a house yet but that's the plan, which means I can stay in my true home town, visit Farleigh whenever I want, live with my friends and earn some moneh. It'll be like Delta, but one helluva lot better! :D

In other news, I had another nursery interview today, at the Sunflower Montessori in Frome. It's much better than Butterfly, ie. it's not on a hole trading estate. I met the kids there and they seem lovely - the idea of this interview was to see how well I get on with them, and I think (I hope) I passed. :) I still think I'm really, really good with kids. I swear that Terry was on the brink of asking me to babysit the other day - I saw his little daughter Eden (he has no taste in names), and she instantly smiled at me in a "my daddy's a tosser, can I stay with you?" sort of way. I wish I'd done care last year (like I originally wanted to, but the world, his wife and his little china penguin collection were against it) instead of performing arts.

Whee! This entry cheered me up. :)

- k.s. x


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