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big survey thing (not like anyone'll do it, but I can hope)

from prisonerx ....
1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Put the things you have in common with me in bold.
3. Whatever you don't put in bold, replace with things about yourself.

1. I am the middle one in my family.
2. I have three black cats.
3. I am not colourblind.
4. I'm addicted to lechery.
5. I have seen snow before.
6. I smoke and drink "socially".
7. I hate when people type in all caps online.
8. I say "God" out of context too often.
9. I would care if I never saw the sun again.
10. I like wearing big cuddly outfits.
11. My mother's parents are split up.
12. I miss out numbers sometimes too.
13. I've been used before.
14. I love English.
15. Some music makes me sad.
16. I like my baths to be like sitting in fire.
17. I wear dress size 10-14.
18. I have a skirt which I can wear with everything.
19. I enjoy singing.
20. I like getting things in the mail.
21. I have not completed high school.
22. I am easily irritated.
23. I swear constantly.
24. I live with my mum and dad.
25. I do not have AOL.
26. I take prescription medication.
27. I love hearing new kinds of (good) music.
28. I'm shy.
29. I have more friends of the opposite sex than the same sex.
30. I have had multiple lovers at the same time.
31. I like dim boys.
32. I think burps and farts are highly amusing.
33. I procrastinate. A LOT.
34. I like to wear clothes with cows on them.
35. I don't know what Slurpees are.
36. I am Wiccan.
37. I usually don't get to sleep until gone 3am.
38. I like to go to the gym, but never get round to it.
39. I'm a good listener.
40. My birthday is in the autumn.
41. I like to get gifts that I can actually use.
42. I like to see snow at Christmas.
43. My computer is located in my bedroom.
44. I have been hospitalised.
45. I like it that some people find me mysterious.
46. I think stereotypes are stupid.
47. I like a lot of clothes that I could never pull off.
48. I like to download music. Excessively.
49. Receiving text messages makes me really, really happy.
50. I am loved.
51. I watch the news.
52. I despised junior school.
53. I wish I had gone to a better high school.
54. I will never finish writing a book.
55. I don't know what Strep Throat is.
56. I love shopping.
57. I like cats better than dogs.
58. I have a single bed.
59. I like full inboxes.
60. I'm short and fat.
61. I've been in love.
62. I dislike rap music.
63. I have a few best friends and a lot of acquaintances.
64. I am close to my mother.
65. I love taking pictures.
66. I write songs.
67. I sleep naked when I'm with someone. ;)
68. I hardly ever go to parties.
69. I'd die without electricity.
70. I LOVE hugs.
71. I wish my childhood had been less mentally disordered.
72. I don't like my legs very much.
73. Family and friends are what I love.
74. I love buying new clothes.
75. I've been writing in an online journal for about a year and a half now.
76. I get easily obsessed with things.
77. I used to hate football but now I like it.
78. I love living in the country.
79. I'm shy when I first meet people but I can also be loud.
80. I hate make-up.
81. I am not a virgin.
82. I don't understand thongs - they just go up your bum as far as I can see.
83. I like to go to concerts.
84. I think I'm getting a cold.
85. I can be very stubborn.
86. I'm growing my hair out.
87. My favourite top is my football shirt.
88. I don't like calling strangers.
89. I love teddy bears.
90. I hate having the feeling that I will fail.
91. I try to avoid fights - I don't like it when people are mad at me.
92. I don't know most of my LiveJournal friends in real life.
93. I love biscuits.
94. I love sending people things.
95. I worry too much.
96. I hate thinking about the future.
97. I get nostalgic often.
98. I think that tattoos are cool, but I'm not sure if I'd get one.
99. My ears are pierced, but the holes are probably closed up by now.
100. I have a large gash on my face.

- k.s. x


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