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Christmas time

The Darkness didn't get to Christmas No.1. Ah well, at least Michael Andrews and Gary Jules' "Mad World" is a fair song - I'd quite like it if it was released at a different time. Meh.

Apart from that, I finished my Christmas shopping today, way! :) Interesting that I spent more money on Pooka than anyone else (and that wasn't even going to be a full present), even though he's not meant to matter to me any more. He has done a lot for me, and he got me good stuff (although I wish Morty didn't know about the cowbell), so he deserved the large stuffed kitten and more. I'm still gonna give him something else actually, but how I'm going to get it to him I don't know, as seeing him might not be the best of ideas right now.

Not much else to say, except that Morty's home now. Pleased to see him as he is my big brother an' all, but it is kind of annoying how he's spending so long messing about with GPRS on my dad's phone, especially at the dinner table. I hope we get to spend the late hours of Christmas Eve and the early hours of Christmas Day doing our last-minute present-wrapping - that was fun last year.

Anyway, I cleaned my room, and now I need to make it smell of fags again.

- k.s. x


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