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hmm, interesting day

Well, not really. My nan is staying for Christmas, she got here today. Yet another person to tell me off for smoking. But I've got talking to Tim, who wouldn't tell me off because 1. he's my mate and 2. he smokes like a fuckwit skinny chimney with Robin stuck in it himself. We will be meeting up somewhere in Brum on the 28th, with any luck, for a drink. I'm so looking forward to seeing him again. Also talked to Robin - usual crap, except that he'd had a Becke-style night binge as well. And he was wanking in the kitchen. Don't you just love him? :P

In other news, I got a Friends Reunited card from an old friend from Queen Mary's, Jodee. I read her profile - turns out she left after her AS levels to have a baby. She's just the type to do that, can't say I didn't expect it of her. But then, I'm the type of person who'd do that too, except that I haven't done AS levels. Or had a baby. Ah well, good luck to her. It's not like she got Caitlyn (aww, sweet name!) through sleeping around or anything, she's been engaged for two and a half years to a lovely bloke named Gez. Bless em. :)

I also got very stressed and moody today (well you would too if you were beginning the third week of this month's period). Complained a lot, smoked a lot, laughed a lot, farted a lot. I have strange but fun ways of dealing with my moods. As Crowded House would call it, I'm four seasons in one day!

Can't sleep again, so I'm staying up listening to a lot of Crowded House (my band of the moment - tomorrow it'll inevitably be The Darkness, Jack Off Jill or Metallica again, maybe even James if I get into that kind of mood). I also have a lot of biscuits, but I'm not eating them, which surprises me. Meh to it all in the name of meh!

- k.s. x


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