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I usually go shopping with Kim on Christmas Eve, but this year I've decided I'm not going to, due to large crowds and claustrophobia etc., which would make it a very not good idea. I'll just stay in and maybe get an early start on my wrapping. I especially need to wrap Kim's present, as hopefully I'll be seeing her today so we can swap. Woo, can't wait till Christmas! :) I'm meant to be a grown-up humbug woman who's anti-Christmas at the ripe old age of 18, but until I have kids of my own and get bankrupt and overdrafted every Christmas, I love it! :D

Got Shaun's present through the post this morning as well - a (copied) Very Best Of Crowded House, which is pretty cool as downloading their songs is driving me a bit mad, due to the rarity of anything that's not "Weather With You", "Don't Dream It's Over" or "Fall At Your Feet". So if I'm not listening to The Darkness, that's why.

I laugh in the faces of the poor old (old being the operative word, ha ha) Christmas shoppers who have started today and are frantically picking up things that are nice but cost about £3. I used to be a young version of you - NOW I'M NOT! MWA HA HA LOL!

- k.s. (aka. spatula hardon) x


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