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OK, so I was really, really depressed earlier, and if it weren't for Morty, the dinner table would have been a complete nightmare, what with Jenny being an arse and Bebe (aka. my granny) shouting at me for not eating.

Becke : I'm sorry for upsetting you all. [trust me, I was really sorry]
Bebe : You're not sorry at all!

Becke : It's a lovely meal, but I feel like I physically can't eat right now.
Bebe : Well what are you gonna do? Put it on your head? Stick it up your bum?

GRR! I hate it when people don't understand. Well, whether she did or not, I didn't eat a single morsel of the meal while it was on the table and it's probably been thrown away by now. Ah well, I made it up by eating four pieces of cake. I feel sick now (wonder why?), feel like purging a lot, but I've messed up Christmas enough already. Besides, I've realised that it doesn't matter if I'm fat, because there are people who will love me even if I'm the size of two Hats. Like Robin - I did phone him in the end, and he was pleased to speak to me, and now I feel much better about being with him. He cheered me up no end. I also spoke to Pete beforehand, and he was just drunk out of his head. Merry Pissedmas, Pete! :)

Going to a party at my aunt's house tonight, so I better start getting ready. Think I might phone Pooka first to check everything's OK there. I hope so. Merry Christmas everyone!

- k.s. x


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