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Went out shopping in Walsall today - most stuff was spur-of-the-moment "I'll have this" sorta thing, but I'm quite pleased with what I got. I wanted The Darkness CD for ages and a Cathy Kelly book for even longer, and I've finally got them. I've also got a new KoRn doll (that was a case of "Wow! Cheap KoRn dolls!") and a drink of something strange (that was a case of "Hey, that girl over there has a drink! Why haven't I got one of those?"). I also smoked two fags within a few minutes of each other, which gave me a slight head rush, which was fun. :)

Woo! Shopaholic, walking down the street,
Shopaholic, bags around her feet,
Shopaholic, is she going back to Virgin?
Is she going back to Woolworths?
In the yucky winter rain!

- k.s. x


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