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supermodel or supermongy?

Jenny : That top's well nice, you could wear that top out.
Correction. I could wear that top out if it didn't give me the biggest cleavage in the world ever. I'm not too keen on my body at the moment - not how fat it is, but how strange it is. I've got size 8 height, size 12 waist, size 12 legs, size 14 arse and size 47 .... erm, size 16 tits. I'm not sure whether it's best for me to lose a lot of weight to get myself down to an 8 or fatten myself up to a full-on 16. Latter would probably be easier, but I'd also look supermongy. I'd also have to lose a lot to get my tits to get smaller, and even if I do fatten up, I'll still be short and have to start looking in specialist shops etc. for stuff for short fat people. Now I am all for a mad mind to match this mad world (just remembered that the phrase "mad world" is meant to drive me, erm, mad after Christmas - oh well), but why can't my body just be normal?

Not got much time left now before Arseloner (ahem, Barcelona), and there is no way I will get everything I want packed. My room is a complete hole. Seriously, you cannot see my floor in some places for all the clothes and crap everywhere. It smells like a mixture of fags and "room mist" in here, both smells I like but no-one else is too happy with. I'm smoking less now, simply because I'm afraid I'll drop one and set my carpet / clothes on fire. I've already managed to clumsily fag-burn the curtain (not seriously burnt though, just a little black mark), and my white fleece will soon be snow-leopard if I'm not careful. And I'm not careful - I'm dyspraxic, don't you know?

- k.s. x


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Dec. 29th, 2003 05:02 am (UTC)
Mad World?

o/~ All around me are familiar faces...
Dec. 29th, 2003 07:30 pm (UTC)
Heylooooooo! It's Anna...again :P (sorry)
I was just wondering if I could add you as a friend 'cus uhhhh, I think you're cool! :)
Oh, and you are NOT fat!
There is a girl in my year who is 16stone. (She's 13/14.. Thats year 9) So...yeh. and one of my friends is 14stone. and uhhh... Well compare yourself to the one who's 16 stone, 'cus I hate her, and she fancies my Jamesie.
eeeeeeeeeeee Byeeeeeee!!!!
Dec. 30th, 2003 05:03 am (UTC)
Added you as a friend. :)

k.s. x
Dec. 30th, 2003 05:05 am (UTC)
what she said!
yeah and im' 15 stone and i'm thin and bootiful so there, lol

kate xxxx
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