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dreaming ....

Dreamt about Robin again last night. I was walking into Walsall and I went to buy some fags, I walked out of the shop with a packet of 20 Sovereigns (why them I don't know cuz I smoke B&H) when I saw Robin with a woman whom I assumed must have been his mum, even though I've never seen her. We started walking through the streets of Walsall, kissing and hugging (Robin and me, not his mum). Then he had to go and I went back to my old school for some reason and showed off my engagement ring, which is strange cuz I am not engaged to Robin and I don't plan to be. Then I went to a swimming pool and Tim Booth and Kate Shela were there showing people how to swim (not as in cB's band), and even though I can't swim, I was an amazing swimmer because Tim and Kate were so good at teaching me. Then Robin swam up to me and we stripped off and .... I woke up. Bloody Jenny with her bloody loud crap music that bloody woke me up.

My subconscious is a scary (and slutty) place to be. I have come to the conclusion that I need to go to Walsall and buy some Sovereign fags, and I've also come to the other conclusion that going to Kate and Tim's "Dancing With Dolphins" would be a v. good idea. I was already thinking about it, in fact. I'll suggest it to the family as a summer holiday option. However, I am not going to follow the dream of getting engaged to Robin as that would not be a good idea at all. Unless we end up going out for a long, long time, which I somehow doubt.

Grr, need a fag, grr, only got one left and it's a Mayfair. Need more!

- k.s. x

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