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can't sleep ....

.... as usual. Maybe I haven't smoked enough (cut down a lot today, mainly cuz I'm running out), or I'm uncomfortable in bed, or just plain uncomfortable here. It doesn't feel right being home after two weeks at college. I thought it would be good to get home, but now I just wanna be back there. If it was a normal weeknight, I'd be fast asleep now, having sat up with the night staff and had a cup of tea off them, and talked and smoked with Spike (possibly the coolest staff member ever). I certainly wouldn't be online wasting time and feeling like shit. Maybe it's best for me to be with Lindsey - at least I know I can't stay up in the room.

Dad's birthday tomorrow .... well, today. I've got my mum to get him a present in my name cuz I'm flat broke (post Bristoliem - grr, no fag money!). I need to spend less on shopping. And less on fags, for that matter. It's about time I started saying "10 Mayfair please" (Robin's brand *sob*), at least they cost less than £2 and it won't set me back too much. Meh. Shut up Becke, smoking is a Robin thing, forget about him - no, I can't. :(

Ugh, feel crappy. Might read a bit more of Katie, then smoke, then sleep. Or try to.

- k.s. x


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