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crushes - I hate them

I loved the feeling of not having any crushes. But now I've got one and I so wish I didn't. Or at least I could have a crush on someone who doesn't seem to hate my guts - well, he hates me when other people are around, on our own we're alright. More than alright, in fact. Hehe. ;)

Apart from that (shut up Becker!), Nick Mackie's out of hospital again, it's good to see him back (that and pull all-nighters with him). I asked him out, he said no, but I am perfectly OK with that. I'd rather not have a relationship than have one that's doomed to fail. Besides, having a crush on someone else wouldn't help things.

Have had a v. good couple of nights the past, erm, couple of nights. Friday was an all-nighter with Nick, Charlie, Chris and Scott where we smoked a lot and took the piss out of everyone. Then they attempted to shave Shannon's eyebrows off - didn't do it, but Rob was being a right crabby bitch in the morning. Ha ha. Saturday I was up for ages talking to Sam and Shaun about farting (Sam : "I support farting!") and making cups of tea. Then some other stuff happened which I can't talk about here.

Now I'm at home (Brummie home), need to go to the doctors to sort out meds, skin and smoking at some point. Yes, I'm thinking of giving up smoking (money issues and skin issues mainly), but I'm going to get some help, as going from 20 a day to nothing is not going to be easy. Meh.

- k.s. x

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