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so you like stuff?

Stuck at home. Haven't been up to much recently. Missing my mates. :(

I'm feeling really strange at the moment - probably because Pooka's getting it and I am not (apart from the occasional one-night stand), which is somehow just not right. It should be perfectly fine, but it isn't, OK? Maybe that's because I'm a selfish, jealous bitch who needs to grow up a bit and understand that I am not the only one allowed to move on. But I am, so there!

Inbetween using #Teenchatz, smoking heavily and laying in bed reading Malory Towers books (which rock and you know it - OK, maybe I've just left all my adult books at college), I've been doing .... well, not much apart from that. Went to the doctors about, erm, everything, I've got two more appointments on the way before I go back to college - one is something to do with epilepsy, the other is a stop smoking one. Yes, I'm giving up! Well, I can't afford it, my skin looks like .... ugh and there's something else, about Robin, which I can't really say here as he probably wouldn't want the whole world to know his troubles. Anyway, it's kinda slapped me out of it, or at least it will do eventually - meh.

I've also been in contact with Tobin, good to hear from him again. It was good being on the phone to him last night, swapping stories about Farleigh from his day and my day. He agrees with me that the place is DOOMED! He's also hot ;) - well, he would be if he didn't look like something out of Pop Idol.

That's all I can think of now - I'll probably be back later.

- k.s. x


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Jan. 27th, 2004 10:39 am (UTC)
Hey, hey, hey! I asked you if it was OK for me to be having sex. In fact, you were the one to tell me to do so in the first place!

Besides, I'm not the one moving on here. You're moving on - I'm just playing.
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