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hats and chats

Just texting hattiehill about recent events. I always keep her updated on my life, or at least my love life. I'm still wondering who her boyfriend is - tell me, you Hat you! :P EDIT : It was AAAAAAAAAAAAAANDREW LUCAS!!!

#Knightmare was madness last night. First there's all the cybersex (ha ha), then a dog-like thing known as CRUNCH (aka. km_saxon) started a-lovin' me and attacking Mal, then purplefog was being, erm .... interesting, then Mal asked me out, then I went for a while (got the log from billyhicks - thanks mate - and it was just a lot of slapping involving large trouts), then I came back and pookatimes (this lj-user thing is class!) gave some big speech. I apologised for many things, km_saxon didn't. I won't go into that, it isn't really my business to go through it. kieran24_7, who was present at the time, has gone through some of it, I think.

Anyway, that's all about hats and chats. Meh.

- k.s. x


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