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o was listenign to the darknrss i think that justin is not kirsty sorry mum but hes not cuz kirsty wouldnt look good half naked but neither does he cuz he doesnt shave his armpits when he should do many times cuz theyre hairy

i like beer but shaun says im controversial cuz i sleep around well at farleigh well i dont sleep around any more cuz robin and nb broke up and robs nob is too big to fit in me even though i sucked it more than 3 times he wa s fuckable.

god its midnight shaun gone to bed he ate some ceral. we went do the pub. the people tallked to us but i had some beer and it was good i likme beer. shaun never stops talknig hes like a small parrot sqwual did you meant it!

i want ot be weith malefact and i like him a lot

but i like beer too.

hapy birthday morty and toy i phoned roy and he gad a spider and a sister.

this posrt makes no sense and it could probably do some CAPITALS id i wanted to but i dont feel like it cuz in been in beer.

lots of beer!

its my ambition to get drunk in wermouth. i always think when i drink ill make up in weyouth but i never do. malefiact said he wanted to wakr up with me in weymouth asnd i want to wake up next to him any day i want! he is more fuck able than rob shannon put together. im laughting now even though ti dont have much t o laugh at.

whends i dribks i soundsssssssss like thisssssss sometimesssssss. but i i type like that itll just look sillt, but then this looks prety silly too. i keep misisng all the kets but i cant be arsedc to go back and coorect it. who wants ot type right?

i want to drink with justin hawkins so manyvbe hell put his top on. i once went into a chatroom and a girl said he was hot but i just think hes funny looking. iw onder if i could go around topless in a furry catsiut? showing off my penis?


malefact i love you

k.s. x

oh and btw i wish i had your phone number nalefacgt and i could call you and i could talk to you with all the beer. and justing timberlake was on the brist too and he has a crap beard.


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Feb. 17th, 2004 07:41 pm (UTC)
I didn't get a phone call. :(

Excellet card though, cheers for that. :D
Feb. 18th, 2004 08:59 am (UTC)
I thought Dad phoned you. That's why I didn't.

k.s. x
Feb. 18th, 2004 09:26 am (UTC)
Re: sorry
I wanted a drunken one. ;)

He did, don't worry about it. I'm being playful. :D
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