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Malefact, this may be hard for you to read, but here goes.

I think not having a boyfriend at all is best for me, especially being as the only one I really, really want is Robin and that might go on for a very long time. I've resigned to the fact that he won't ask me out again, but I'd rather not be in a relationship that could possibly fail because I'm still in love with someone else. I thought that being with someone else might change that, or at least change the crushes (bloody Justin is driving me mad now, but I can't stop it!), but I can see that it's not going to. So, even though we may still meet up, I think it's best that we meet as friends and put anything else on hold. You can still be my #Knightmare Special Friend, though! :)

In other news, I'm going back to Farleigh in about an hour and a half, for a meeting with Andy to discuss my future. I'm quite worried as this will probably mean there's no third year coming up (even though I almost know exactly what I would want to do and that I am very unlikely to leave the course if I do that) and, even though it is close to impossible, that the authorities might have found out. If they have, I will be out of Farleigh.

I'll be the first student back, which sucks nob, but I still can't wait to show them my purple mullet! :D I'm also wearing a great outfit to set it off, which involves a pair of lovely skin-tight silky purple trousers (like the bottom of a catsuit!) and a scarf round my waist which really looks stylish. Later on, when I'm in my room by myself, I'm gonna try it as a top, although I won't go out like that! The staff would get well pissed off if they saw me.

Flame-Grilled Whopper Winky. Hehe.

I'm pretty changeable aren't I? Gone from serious to anxious to happy to kinky! Well, you know what they say - "Even when you're feeling warm, the temperature could drop away, like four seasons in one day."

- k.s. x


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