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I'm at college now. If this update doesn't work, Nevil (technician) is a nob.

I'm quite good at the moment. I've been invited to a staff training day somewhere in Taunton, to do with eating disorders, epilepsy and a bunch of other stuff. Jenny was told that she could bring 10 "staff". It's not only really good that I get to go to something like this, but that I am being treated as if I was a member of staff. I've returned the favour by being nice to Jenny - for about five minutes. :P

I'm also smoking again. I just couldn't take the patches any more. They were making my eczema and my insomnia worse. They were giving me weird chest pains. I had some hellish cravings. And on top of that, everyone around me was smoking. So I've given up givin' up, I don't give a fúck!

Robin is being a bit of a tosspot at the moment. He seems to think I'm stalking him. I don't know why - meh.

Chris is being more of an arse than usual. He knows stuff. I know it.

Shannybaby is going to live at Fourwinds, to share with Robin. I don't know which one I feel more sorry for.

I love Robin. He hátes me. Grr.

IT'S SNOWING! I was dancing around in the snow making up a song called "I Believe In A Thing Called Snow". Hmm, what's next - "Snowing On Me"? "Snow On The Rocks With No Ice"? "Get Your Hands Off My Snowman"? If I had no life, I could write the whole of Permission To Snow.

I drew another picture today. It's of Jan turning Chris into a cup of tea. :P

I have a catsuit! Woo! It's so kínky! ;)

- k.s. x


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