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Taken from pookatimes.

current clothing; gorgeous pink jacket and top, my all-purpose skirt, long pink/purple socks.
current mood; sick.
current taste; mucus.
current hair; purple, almost mullety but not quite.
current annoyance; I don't have a boyfriend.
current smell; my deodorant and Alun's distinct lack of it.
current thing you ought to be doing; beating Chris up.
current book; "Girls' Night Out".
current refreshment; smoking.
current worry; Chris messing things up for me.
current crush; Justin Hawkins and Jab.
current favourite celebrity; Justin Hawkins.
current longing; Jab.
current wish; that Jab (or even better, Robin) would love me.
current music; whatever crap's on Jab's headphones.
current lyric in your head; "I wanna touch you but I'm afraid of the consequences".
current regret; buggering up my relationship with Robin.
current desktop picture; many pictures of Justin Hawkins.
current plans for tonight; going out, beating up Chris and, of course, my master plan.
current cuss word du jour; spaz.
current disappointment; again, Chris messing things up.
current amusement; listening to Alun talking amusing crap.
current IM/person you're talking to; Matty.
current love; Robin.
current obsession; Jab.
current avoidance; milk.
current things on your wall; pictures I've drawn, a card Kirsty made me and the calendar Robin gave me.
current favourite book; "The Best Little Girl In The World".
current favourite movie; "Mad Cows".

I'm sad.

- k.s. x


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